Residential & Commercial Roofing

Asphalt roof shingles are the most popular choice for roofing material. This is because they have numerous advantages when compared to other options. Some of these advantages include maintenance, installation, look, and cost.

A cedar shake roof has a distinctive appearance which people often find appealing, but using cedar shakes for roofing has a number of advantages beyond basic aesthetics. When considering roofing options, cedar shakes are certainly something to think about. Although a cedar shake roof can be more expensive to install than some roofing materials, the cost may be outweighed by the numerous benefits, including long term durability.

Metal roofing is a popular choice for homeowners for so many reasons and metal roofs provide a number of benefits and advantages over asphalt shingle roofs including:

  • Long life expectancy
  • Low maintenance
  • Durability
  • Lightweight to ease stress on your roof structure and framing
  • Long term warranties
  • Energy Efficiency – save money with reduced heating and cooling costs
  • Increased resale value of your home
  • Improved curb appeal of your home
  • Metal roof colors to complement your home
  • Increased protection from high winds, hurricanes, and fire
  • Environmentally friendly building choice
  • Made from recycled material and won’t contribute to our landfills
  • Reduces energy consumption, smog, and urban heat islands
  • Insurance discounts possible
  • $500 in tax credits available through 2010

Carlisle’s Sure-Weld Roofing Systems are hot! Our thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membrane offers system strength and reflectivity with dimensional stability while maximizing the benefits of heat-welded seams through the 6’ and 10’wide sheets.

Performance Advantages. Aunique advanced polymerization technology combined with tough polyester fabric delivers durability, weatherability and heat-weldability, resulting in a membrane specially formulated to withstand the elements.


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