Home or Business Remodeling

According to recent studies and across many real estate markets, kitchen and bathroom remodeling consistently offers the greatest return on your investment with percentages ranging from 80-100%. Basement, master suites and family room additions also offer a fairly high return. Remodels that convert unused space into functional living space, such as basements and attics, can vary widely from region to region. Deck additions also vary according to region, but in regions where outside activity can be enjoyed, deck additions usually return their full investment.

You might think that the living room is the most “lived in” room in your house, but it’s usually the kitchen! Your kitchen is the heart of your home; a place for entertaining and socialising as well as cooking and enjoying your meals with your family and friends.

Whether you’d like to maximize your space, build an island or add a sleek, modern touch to your kitchen, our highly-experienced staff will help you along every step of the way. Kitchen remodeling is no small decision, so we’re more than happy to answer any and all of your questions to help you feel comfortable with yours.

Our Design Specialist can help you to create the right kitchen to blend perfectly into your home and to suit your lifestyle needs. Our success is a result of our personal touch that we put into every kitchen remodeling project that we do. Our experience has taught us that our greatest resource is you. We listen to your desires, needs and goals and give you the best solutions to accomplish your goals within your kitchen remodeling budget.

Every kitchen remodeling project, is different and we approach every job with the agility it takes to deliver that special touch you are looking for. We combine old-world craftsmanship with the latest technology on the market to show you exactly what you will receive before you make a commitment. We will do the complete project on time and within your budget. With reasonable pricing we will be competitive with all of those refacing and cover up old existing problems giving you a completely new renovated kitchen for years of enjoyment and increased property value.

A good bathroom renovation can increase the overall enjoyment of your home.   Also, remodelling your bathroom can be one of the best returns on investment in your home. Bathroom renovations are one of our specialities at Hathcock Roofing and Remodeling.  Bathroom renovation may not be rocket science, but the work that goes into it is just as important. Careful planning and preparation is needed before you start. How easy is it to plan and start your bathroom renovation? With Hathcock Roofing and Remodeling, getting started on your remodeling project is easier than you know. And there will be no doubt how much satisfaction and pride you’ll get from your new bathroom!

We manage your bathroom renovation from start to finish. You can count on Hathcock’s bathroom design experts to remodel or renovate your dream bathroom. Our services include:

  • Moving or relocating of walls depending on the scope of your bathroom renovation project.
  • Update electrical wiring to accommodate new power loads
  • Provide lighting solutions to create the right balance between function and ambiance
  • Complete plumbing services
  • Bathroom cabinetry and fixtures from all the best manufacturers
  • Flooring and backsplash tiles to support our creative concept
  • And much more …

Most homeowners want to renovate their bathroom to ‘update’ it into a more modern new install. We understand this and have developed a system that allows you to update your bathroom on a budget that works for you. Whether you have a budget of $5,000 or $20,000 we can customize a bathroom just for you!

Changing the look and style of your bathroom can make a big difference in the quality of your home and living. And it’s not a pain to plan at all! To get you started, answer the following questions, and we will take care of the rest:

  • Does your bathroom renovation involve resizing?
  • What fixtures do you need replaced?
  • How will your renovation affect your electrical wiring system?
  • What’s the condition of your drywall?
  • Does your plan affect any of your home’s load-bearing walls?

Resizing may be an option in turning your little powder room into a spacious and luxurious bathroom. Sometimes, it can be as little as changing and knocking down a few built-in bathroom cabinets to free up space. Other times, it’s a total expansion of your bathroom. Give us a call and let us know how much resizing your renovation plan may require.

Renovating also means redesigning and your stunning new bathroom will need equally beautiful fixtures. So carefully consider which fixtures you need replaced. If you want to design your new bathroom around your vintage clawfoot brass bathtub, get new fixtures to complement it. If your plan is to go monochromatic, we’ll show you how it’s done!

Through our suppliers and industry partners, we’ll be able to help you with your bathroom fixtures, accessories, electrical wiring system, drywall needs, and load-bearing wall concerns. Whatever your design needs are, you’ll be sure to find it with Hathcock Roofing and Remodeling.

remodel_3 Besides providing a home with more living space, a room addition, if executed properly, can be a terrific investment. Once you have weighed all the options and have come up with a plan that best suits your needs, Hathcock Roofing and Remodeling Inc. can expand your home to make it more functional for you and your family’s needs. No matter if it is a new living room, bathroom, or bedroom, we can make it happen.[/caption]

Room additions are a great solution for providing additional living space to your home, if your family is growing, or is expecting to grow. Room addition costs are also comparatively low compared to selling your existing home and moving to a new and larger home. Room additions, versus buying existing larger homes, also offer the opportunity to be creative and to customize future living space. Room additions bring a unique extension to your home whether it’s an attractive extended family room additions, expanded spacious master bedroom, a new luxurious living room additions, or an enlarged kitchen.

Room additions can be plain and simple or exceptionally extravagant. We have taken care of small room additions as well as large room additions. With Hathcock’s Roofing and Remodeling stress-free room addition construction process every project is hassle-free and includes you in the process. Your ideas and preferences help with the enhancement of the room addition design, materials selection, and floor plan. We can help with choosing the most economical, practical, and yet aesthetically pleasing solution while incorporating your ideas with our expertise to make your dream remodeling project come true.

There are many other benefits adding a room provides. Just take a look at the list below and you’ll see why room additions have become so popular.

  • Adding a room on your own home allows you to remain in the secure surroundings you’ve come accustom to living in.
  • Not having to relocate means your kids get to stay in the same school system and near all of their friends.
  • Building on is more cost effective than buying new so there is less risk involved with the financing or loss of your savings.
  • Room additions are the only type of home improvement that guarantees increased property value. Every method for calculating a home’s value is based on the heated square foot so raising that number means your property value can only increase.

Before jumping into a building a room addition it is import to first look at your property’s plot plan to see what your options are for adding on a home addition.  When looking at the plot plans look for the following key items:

  • Property setback requirements (Sometimes they are on the plot plan, and other times you may need to see your town building inspecting or zoning board).
  • Well Location (If you have an artesian well)
  • Septic Tank and Leach Field
  • Drainage or Utility easements
  • Underground utilities

All of these items will dictate where you can locate your room addition.  Our design professionals can assist you in making these decisions.  You are not alone!

painting1 painting2
painting3 painting4
At Hathcock Roofing and Remodeling we know how to paint the interior of your home:
  • How to properly prepare the surface.
  • Which paints to use in each situation.
  • How to complete each painting project in a timely fashion
Our interior paint jobs are rated high by homeowners. We do all kinds of paint jobs from small apartments to large luxury houses. Interior Services:
  • Painting
  • Ceiling
  • Texture and  Repair
  • Wall Texture and Repair
  • Staining
  • Wall Paper Removal
  • Sheetrock Repair
  • Epoxy Flooring
Exterior Services:
  • Painting
  • Power-washing
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Epoxy Coatings
  • Waterproofing
ceramic1 ceramic2
ceramic3 ceramic4
Ceramic tile has been used for centuries, and with today’s technology, manufacturers have created new design and application possibilities that were not available even a decade ago.  If you have never used ceramic tile before, or it has been a long time since you have done so, you will be amazed at the wide selection of colors, sizes, shapes and new textures that are now available. Areas of specialty include ceramic, porcelain and stone tiled floors, kitchen back splashes, bathroom remodeling, porcelain and ceramic tile counter tops, entryways, and other decorative stone structures. We can help you select the proper materials for your project and job consultation is free. Work can be scheduled to your particular circumstances and projects are excepted for both new construction and remodeling of preexisting homes. Combining years of experience with dedication and skill, Hathcock Roofing and Remodeling staff of installers will make your tile plans a glorious reality. From simple tile flooring, to complex designs to specialty applications, we have the staff to do the job right and to your expectations.  Our skilled staff work on both new and remodeling projects and display the finest quality workmanship. Our projects include both commercial and residential jobs involving ceramic tile, slate, marble, and quarry tile, for kitchens, baths, foyers, sunrooms, and patios. We look forward to working on your next tile project.
If you’re looking for a replacement contractor, you’ll find skilled and experienced service with Hathcock Roofing and Remodeling.  Renovation is our specialty, and we’ve been serving customers throughout the Tri-State area for over 66 years. People know they can count on us! At Hathcock Roofing and Remodeling., we redefine home improvement. Whether you need your old windows replaced, new siding and trim, or a bathliner to give your bathtub a whole new look, we can do it. We stay on the cutting edge when it comes to renovations for your home, and we concentrate not only on beauty, but energy savings as well. Our areas of expertise in replacement include:
  • Bathliners
  • Entry Doors
  • Gutter Protection
  • Siding & Trim
  • Sunrooms & Patios
  • UltraMax Insulation
  • Windows
Though we follow trends closely so we can accommodate our customers needs and tastes, we also put a strong emphasis on excellence in workmanship and customer service. We give all of our customers the personalized service they need, and we work with only the highest quality materials.
At Hathcock Roofing and Remodeling, we understand the importance of independence for people living with disabilities. We make homes handicap and wheelchair accessible by providing our clients the ability to enter and move around without any obstacles. Our professional staff works closely with Occupational Therapists and other Health professionals who assist in implementing the best solution to the individual client. Our Goal is to adjust our clients’ environment to best suit their needs and allow them to be as independent as possible in their own familiar home. Some of the many services that we offer in this area are:
  • Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms
  • Barrier Free Shower Entrances
  • Shower Seats
  • Easy Access Bathtubs
  • Grab Bars
  • Barrier Free Kitchens with Adjustable Cabinets, Shelving and Variable Height Counters
  • Floor to Ceiling Poles
  • Ceiling Lifts
  • Widening Doors and Hallways
  • Exterior Railings
  • Interior and Exterior Handrails
  • Constructing Decks and Porches
  • Custom/Portable Ramps
  • Stair lifts, Porch Lifts and Elevators
  • Custom Home Modifications
As a licensed and bonded company our professional staff works in compliance with all local building codes and regulations.

Hathcock Roofing and Remodeling are experts in maintenance and repairs. We have the tools and equipment, needed to handle any project around your home or business.  We are dependable, quality-focused and prepared to take care of your service needs.  All employees are covered by workman’s compensation insurance and our customers are covered with general liability and builders risk insurance.

From the moment you call in your job request, you will receive our utmost attention until your job is finished and you are satisfied.

Someof the maintenance repair services weoffer are:

Add /Delete Walls
Room Additions & More
Door Replacements
Window Replacements
Counter Tops
Ceramic Tile
Trim Carpentry
Crown Molding

Weather Stripping
Fascia and Soffit
Drywall Repair
Driveway/Sidewalk Repairs
Wood Rot
Epoxy Floor Painting
Power Washing
Carpet, Tile Cleaning
Grab Bars, Towel Bars
Storm Doors

Programmable Thermostats
Filter Replacement
Heat Pumps
Gas Heaters
Refrigerated Units
Trouble Shooting
Range Hoods
Exhaust Fans
Evaporative Coolers
24 Hour Emergency Service


Unclog drains and sewers
Drippy Faucets
Back-flow Prevention
Toilet Repair
Water Heater Replacements
Gas Leaks
Water Leaks
Install/Replace Sinks, Tubs, Showers
Install/Replace Faucets
Garbage Disposals

24 Hour Emergency Service